Tuesday, September 30

Bachelorette Party!

My sister in law Michelle has been great through out this whole process. Cindy and her threw me a shower, and then that night along with Chelsea, Adrienne, My Mom, and those two. We started the night at Pei Wei for dinner, then hit up my favorite place for Kareoke. There was one twist, Michelle got me something special that I HAD to wear...

This was part of my outfit I had to wear. All together it was a pair of bunny ears, a bowtie, and of course a tail that was pinned to my jeans.
This is me and Adrienne, I cant remember what Cindy told us to do..I think we were acting like my grandma was telling us a story.
Adrienne was excited?

Chelsea an Cindy were fast friends..
We made my mom sing! But she made me sing with her.
Getting ready to sing..

I sang with this weird guy, Tom who signed us up for Summer nights. Kareoke is a great place to make friends.

Meeting my new step siblings

My mom is getting married which meant that I will have new siblings. Allen is a great cook and has an arrangement with my mom that he will cook as long as she vacuums the house. He did a seafood boil with lots of different kinds of seafood, and then there was me and Vanessa ( his only daughter who happens to be my age and went to Woods Cross) who dosen't care for seafood so we got steaks. All of his kids were there, Sean, Ben, Art, Vanessa, Bryan, and Vanessa's husband Kendal, and Ben is engaged to a super cute girl named Mela. The party was at my house in the backyard, so I obviously was there along with Andy and Michelle, Adrienne, Shane and Davis. Matt was working late and Cindy was in Canada for work.

**Dont worry Cindy, he didnt have ANY Pepsi at all, but he sure did want some!!

Tj Roberts wedding

TJ got married last Saturday and Lee was in his line. TJ and Sophie looked amazing and you could tell how happy they were. However being that Lee is great friends with TJ it meant that Lee got to help decorate TJ and Soph's car...TJ warned me that there will be revenge.

Family cabin weekend trip

Shane and Cindy were nice enough to share the Davis' family cabin with all of us. Here are a few pictures of the event.This is how Connor fell asleep, on the stairs.


Thursday, September 18


I am almost completely moved into our house. Lee will move in when the wedding is close and then start living there after we are official. The house is good and weird at the same time. I feel like a big kid living on my own. There are some random noises that I still need to get used to but all in all being on my own has been fun and challenging. Every room has been cleaned except for the front room but that should be taken care of on Saturday. I moved in all my kitchen stuff and can't wait to start using it. The only draw back to this house is that there is no dishwasher, so I will be showing Lee how to clean dishes!!

Update on the whole reconnecting with my long lost family...

I went the other day and got a haircut from my half sister who is the same age as my oldest brother. She has a little boy who just started junior high and she works for Lunatic Fringe. She seems the same to me but then again I havent really seen her in 14 yrs. Chris (my dad) will call every now and then and I am trying to make an effort to talk to him but its still weird. I will be amazed if he shows up to the wedding.

I get married in a little less than 2 weeks...cant wait!!

Tuesday, September 2

Updation Proclamation!!

Updates Galore...

Katie got a new job and has left the wonderful world of eBay. I am going to be working at Comcast.

After Lee and I went to look at the tini apartment that I mentioned Lee vetoed that place. He didnt like the area, and he is so tall he would have to crouch down in the shower...kind of like that part in Elf..
So, that meant that we needed to find another place to live. As many of your know, my mother is getting married. Her fiance lives in a house that is about a mile from where I live now. He rents it and it has a garage. It is a little bit of an older home but it has a roof and running water. Its 70's-tastic! With the poop yellow carpet and all. Since my mother's fiance will move in with her, we are going to try to rent this home that he lives in now for a few months and then look for a house.
School has started...and for the most part it isnt so bad, except for my geopgraphy class that I have with Lee. The instructor is an older guy and goes off on these random thoughts he has for like 20 minutes. The class is once a week so its like 3 hours of that crap! If I didnt have the class with Lee I would go crazy.
Utes Football is in full swing and has started off with a bang! Who would have thought that a little football team from Utah would beat the most popular team in College football? Well..I did. The Utes conqured over Michigan! Lee is super excited, and since we have season tickets to the Utes he can't wait for next weeks game against UNLV. Lee does however have to miss 1 Ute game. The Utes are playing on our wedding and like the mean wife I am, I told him he couldnt go to the game because we needed to get married.