Tuesday, November 25

The First Thanksgiving (For Us)

We have been married for about two months now, and its awesome. Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we have no one to share it with other than ourselves. Lee's awesome sister invited us up to Idaho for dinner, but we both have to work and can't take time off so we couldn't go be with Lee's family, which includes Katie and Steve and their two cute kids, Abbee and Evan, my awesome new mother in law, new brother in law Glen, and his wife Liv' and their cute little baby girl Freya. My mom and Allen are on their honeymoon in Hawaii, my brother Andy and his wife Michelle drove up to Seattle to spend it with my other brother Shane and his cute wife Cindy and my adorable nephew Davis. My oldest brother Matt will be in Utah, but I am pretty sure he will go to his Dad's with his girlfriend and hang out with his kids. So, that leaves me and Lee to fend for ourselves. Ha ha, I think we will make it through. ( that sounds so pathetic, ha ha )

So we are torn on what to do, if I should bravely try to make a thanksgiving dinner without burning down our house, setting off the fire alarm, making black gravy, and charing the turkey, or if we should go with the safer alternative and go out to dinner. I figure eventually I will need to learn how to make a thanksgiving dinner but I should probably learn while watching someone do it. Either way its still up in the air of what we will do. Any idea's for a good place to get thanksgiving dinner in SLC? Other than Little America ?

Thursday, November 20

Update on the test challenge

I totally beat Lee. It was awesome.

Lee is sooo excited for the game on Saturday, he asks me everyday if the Utes are going to win, I hope they do. Otherwise I will have a grumpy husband!

Tuesday, November 18

Oh its on!

Tonight is the night that I have my class with my sweet husband. Tonight is our 2nd midterm. Last class time I was late because I couldnt get off work early enough to make it to class so Lee went early and turned in my assignment for me, and I showed up about a hour and a half late. Once I arrived Lee left to go home and watch the jazz game. Well, that night we did a test review, that didnt happen to start until I got there. So Lee left, and I took notes. I was going to share them with Lee, but he said, I bet I can get a better grade than you and I wont even study. So, after the challenge was given, I for sure wasnt going to share my notes. I get off work in about a hour to go take the mid term, and I have been studying for the past 2 hours. I better beat Lee!! Who cares about a good grade, its all about braging rights.

Wednesday, November 12

Why are we running?

I have been inspired by a friends blog to start working out again. Gee thanks Melinda. So at work I have a gym that I can use, and I have decided to take full advantage of my hour lunch and work out. So I have been bringing my lunch and eating it around 12, and then my lunch is usually around 2. I will go change and hop on the "dreadmill" and run for at least 20 minutes then hit some weights for strength training. There is always some kind of movie on that I can put my attention on so I can block out how long I have been running.

The problem is, I started this new routine on Monday, it is now Wednesday and I am so sore. I thought it would be awhile before I got sore. I am fighting to get enough ambition to get my butt back in the gym today and continue on this new road to wellness I have started. Part of this change, means that I am trying to eat healthier, I am not a fish eater. At all. On Sunday I made Halibut for dinner and I forced myself to eat it. I have decided I am going to get over my fish-phobia. So far so good, but my sweet husband now thinks since I tried Halibut, it means that I want to eat shrimp, which I refer to as the cockroach of the sea. Baby steps...

The goal is to have this rockin' bod by January when its time for our cruise to Mexico. I just need to stay motivated!

Well, gotta run....on the treadmill

By the way, Happy Birthday (Yesterday) Mom!! Happy 30th

Monday, November 10

10 and 0

Utes 13...TCU 10. So that makes the Utes 10 and 0, No big deal.

Lee and my brother Andy at the game after the win, they were way excited!
Everyone rushing the field after the game and the big win.
Matt..Adrienne.. Michelle..Andy
The Schultz Family
Patiently waiting for the game to start....

The game was fun, but way cold. The bleachers had snow and water all over them so they were all wet and cold. The utes pulled off the win in the last 2 minutes, and I dont think the stadium has ever been that loud. Lee got so excited he had a headache after the game. The utes are on fire this season, and I am hoping we can scorch the cougars. I like my cougar medium rare.

Tuesday, November 4

Frustration Proclomation!

This semester is about half over, and I could not be happier about it. I miss the days of high school were I could stroll in to debate late with a bagel and orange juice and barely do my homework. Now that I am a grown up, I work and do school full time, and see no end in sight of ever graduating. I am lacking motivation! I WILL graduate from SLCC this semester, and then go to the big kid school ( The U ). I will be working on my communmications degree which should come in handy now that I work for the biggest communication company in the U.S. I think school is overrated, most of my classes are filled with busy work, that I think either the teacher is bored, or the school instructs them to make us hate their class. I am not sure on which one it is.

My sweet husband is thinking of switching his major from finance to radiology. So if you have any info on radiology please let me know. He is such a sweetheart, he keeps asking me if I am ok with him changing his major, but then I say, do what makes you happy.

We have classes together right now, and I think its a pretty good trade. In one of our classes I do all the homework, and in the other class Lee will do most of it. It is nice having a class with my husband, so when I feel like I cant handle our rambeling instructor anymore he does something to entertain me to help pass the time.

Enough! I WILL be positive, I WILL enjoy school, and I WILL do my homework with a smile! Ha, ya right, but I thought it was worth a shot.