Wednesday, December 24

Lee broke the rules...

So, if you read the last post, Lee and I decided to not get gifts for each other this year, and do sub for santa. Well, the other night I came home from work and Lee was ordering something for me on the computer and keeps trying to get me to guess what it is. He is the worst at keeping anything a surprise! Little does he know that I have been shopping for him all year and have been storing it at my mom's. So I am glad he broke the rules, so now I can give him these things and not get in trouble. Lee never reads the blog, so I can spill the beans on what I got him. Anyone that knows Lee, knows he loves snowmobiling, so I got him a video of sled-necks. Clothes, because he NEVER buys new clothes for himself, and then 2 new video games. You have to get something fun on Christmas, so thats why I threw in the video games. I have one more thing up my sleeve, but I dont know if I will be able to pull it off. My friend Mike who is on the Utes football team, might be able to sneak a football into practice and get the team to sign it. Lee might pee his pants if I could get it, so we will see!! Don't tell Lee what he is getting!

I hope everyone has a great and safe Christmas!

Sunday, December 7

Peeing your pants for Santa

This year for Christmas, Lee and I decided that instead of spending money on each other, we were going to use that money for sub for Santa. With the economy being the way it is, we thought there probably are a lot of families who can't give Christmas to their kids, so we adopted two kids for Christmas. We got a little boy named Gustavo who is 10, and a little girl named Evelyn who is 9. We went shopping for them and it was so much fun. We don't get to deliver the gifts to them, but we still were able to find the true meaning of Christmas, to give and not to receive. Shopping for two little kids was a very humbling experience for us both. Lee made a comment while we were shopping that put everything in perspective. He said, " I don't know how single parents do this.". It really made me think, and made me feel even more lucky to have what I have. I guess everyone goes through their own hard times and things, but I think that would be so hard to be a single mom and have to provide, and then find someway to give Christmas gifts. I have always looked up to my mom, but she was a single mom for awhile and some how every year she was able to give me and my brothers a great Christmas. However looking back at my childhood I don't remember the gifts as much as I remember the feeling of Christmas. Now a day's Christmas has turned into a retail holiday, which is great, don't get me wrong, everyone likes presents. But I think a lot of people put a lot of weight into what they will receive and not what they will give. Giving doesn't have to be a materialistic thing, but just your time. I have to hand it to Lee, it was his idea to not give gifts this year, and I back him up on his idea of making this a tradition. I think this world would be ten times better if we all thought about that for a bit, and tried to make a difference in someone else's life. My favorite quote is, Service is like peeing your pants, everyone can see you doing it, but you are the one that feels the warmth. Which is so true. I am sure those kids we bought clothes, books, and coats for are going to be very greatful, but I have a feeling that it meant more to me and Lee to be able to give to them.

Anyway, finals are almost over. I have one more on Tuesday then I am DONE! Lets just all hope that I pass my CIS class with the grade the college requires. Cross your fingers and toes for me.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuaka, Happy Kwanza, and Happy Flag day, and whatever else I can wish happy -ness for.

Tuesday, December 2

The FINAL, Final ( @ SLCC)

So it's finals week for Lee and I, and I tell ya, we are the worst procrastinators! We have 2 classes together and in both of our classes we of course have waited until the last minute to do big projects, or take last minute tests. In our CIS class ( a course required by SLCC on computers ) there are 8 tests, that somehow we have managed to wait until this week to take them. Did I mention that the course ends this friday? A little stressed!

I will be SOOOO glad when I am done at SLCC. Seriously, it should not take someone this long to graduate from SLCC, but I guess that is what happens when you pay your own way and lose motivation for a while. I can almost see the bright RED light of the U. I have never been so excited to go to a different school. My dear husband is thinking of becoming a CNRA, so he is trying to figure out what pre-req's he has to do before he can apply for school for that.

In other news, my sweet sister dyed my hair black for me and made me look like a rockstar. Thanks Liz! You always make me look awesome. After she finished doing my hair, I turned to her and told her that she always does my hair WAY better than I can, and her reply was that she is a professional, which is true I guess. If anyone needs a hair cut seriously go see her, she is amazing. She works at Lunatic Fringe, she is awesome. Its so fun to randomly have a sister in my life, she told me today that she talks to me more than she talks to her sisters that she grew up with, my response was that we just needed more ground to cover. It is funny, because my whole life I felt like I didn't look like anyone in my family, but now that I have reconnected with my sister (after 14 years!), she showed me pictures of my dad's side of the fam, and I look like them. Yes! I am not adopted!! ( Just kidding mom! )

Anyway, I am stalling from doing homework and online tests. Wish me luck! This dang computer class I think is going to be the only one I struggle with just because I have procrastinated for so long! Back to the grind!