Wednesday, November 25

Technicolor bruise

My mom called me yesterday to check on me and see how I was feeling, I was trying to explain to her how my eye looked and it went something like this: It is yellow and red and black and brown and purple and blue. It reminded me of Joseph and the technicolor dream coat. You can tell by my face in this picture that I am really concerned on how I look...Just be warned.. I have been home since Monday hanging out with my brothers dog. If small children are in the room you may want to divert their eyes from this picture...

Scary huh!!! I have to work tomorrow, and have a show on Friday so hopefully I can cover some of that up with some makeup.

Tuesday, November 24

Christmas lights..

Its the time of year that christmas lights go up. My mom's husband Allen fell off of a roof a few years ago and hurt himself badly. My mother's balance is awful, and since I had put christmas lights up for her in years past, I had no issues climbing up to put them up for her. Lee wanted to help me put the lights up, but being the impatient and stubborn person I am, I didnt wait for him. My mom's house has a steep roof, I wad run the extension cord up to the roof, and was ready to start putting up the lights. I was starting on the corner of the roof, and there just happened to be a tree on that side of the house, and branches were hanging on the roof. These branches were in my way...and I tripped over them and fell off of the roof. Yes, I fell. I tried to grab onto branches on the tree to catch myself, but the branches were not strong enough and ended up taking them down with me. I didnt break anything, I just have some awesome bruises and cuts. This lovely black eye needs to go away . I am in a play called the "Altos", and I have a show on Friday, so hopefully it wont be so bad by then.

These pictures are scary...but this is the worst of my injuries.. Pay no attention to my awesome hair.

The first picture is from the ER, and the 2nd is from last night. Believe it or not, the black eye is worse....My doctor told me to take a few days off from work, so I am just hanging out at home...bored. Daytime TV is super boring.

When I was in the E.R. at Lakeview, they told me that I was the first one to come in from a christmas lights accident. So I at least can have that as bragging rights..