Sunday, October 31

Halloween, and random updates!

Since Halloween fell upon a Sunday,  and I had to work on Saturday we missed the trick or treater's. However, I wasn't about to not dress dogs. My little pup Ruby loves her sweaters. It cracks me up, I love to dress her up. I guess when I was growing up and was never interested in dolls or dress up, has finally caught up with me. Instead of Barbie, I have Ruby. It has been determined that Sadie is Lee's dog, and Ruby is mine. We both love our little dogs, but they for sure have picked their masters. These girls love "RIDES", in fact that is almost a four letter word in our house, if you say it, you better mean it, because the go crazy. Notice Ruby's way cute scary sweater.

look at those smiles!

These dogs are like our kids, so I thought it was only fitting to dress them up for Halloween. The original plan was to dress Ruby up like Yoda, but then I quickly realized that our whole family would have to be Star Wars characters, and i was not okay with that. I made Lee play along, and we tried to take a family picture with the timer on the camera. The following are our "attempts":

These are two loving sisters

And as if we didn't look like big enough dog freaks..... ( Lee is such a good sport, I come up with these "good" ideas, and he is always willing to go along with them). I found pumpkin carving templates online, that looked like our dogs. We originally got 4 pumpkins, two for us, and two for the dogs. We only got around to carving the dog's pumpkins.

 Here is Lee's. His looks a lot more like a dog than mine does. This is supposed to be Sadie, and I think he did a pretty good job. Captures our dog's big smile.
Here is my attempt at carving Ruby. Its hard to tell, but there was a lot of "shading"(ya know when you scratch away the orange part of the pumpkin??). So as of now, this pumpkin looks like a lion...but in the day light, it totally looks like a mini schnauzer..kinda.

Oh..and ya...chopped my hair.  It was a lot shorter, but have promised Lee to let it grow out. I am hoping for a pretty awesome mullet. Ya in the front and party in the back!!!