Thursday, June 26

Paging Dr. Mau

So a few days ago I went cross country roller blading on the Jordan River Parkway. On the parkway there are random wooden bridges, for the most part they are all even and the wood planks are not all warped from the elements. Well...on my way back I went over a bridge that I think was made in the 1800's. I was walking across it, (with my rollerblades still on) and totally tripped. I caught myself before I fell, but got like 4 slivers in my hand.

Luckily Dr. Tina Mau was able to disect my hand and get the slivers out. Great job Dr. Mau.

Chicago....after work.

This diner is the most amazing place to eat in Chicago. Its on 11th and Wabash, please go to it.
This is the inside of the Eleven City Diner...
In Chicago they have random art in the park..I call these men the headless CEO's.

These people are crazy!! There were protesters, and everyone was honking. It was crazy.

This subway entrance is funny to me. In my art class I just took, I had to write a paper about this piece. It used to be in a museum, and now its in Chicago.

In Millenium park they have these weird fountain things that show faces and pictures...
Turns out they are animated and awesome. This girl starting shooting water from her mouth. There were tons of kids playing in the fountain.
After the girl was spitting water, it turned into a water fall, and water actually fell from the pillar. We need these things in SLC.

This is me and Izzy, hanging out in Chicago..

More random art in the park, this was a huge steel swing..
This is the bean. Its called something else, but all the locals call it the bean..

Shaunna, Izzy, and me playing with pictures of our reflection on the Bean.

It kept raining randomly in Chicago that day, but would only rain for like 10 minutes at a time.

This is their amphitheater. Are you serious? Free concerts at this place. This is way cooler than any amphitheater in Utah.

Shuanna and I.

This is me mainly. Lee works for Fidelity and I thought that the moose was their logo or something...turns out, its just more random art.
I felt that I needed to ride the moose. It was so hard to get up there, but it was well worth it.
This was my view...

I have no idea what this building is..
This was the river right by my hotel..

Yes, that is the Sears Tower.

Chicago was amazing. There is such a energy on the streets. It was an awesome place to visit and interact with the people that live there.

My Trip To Chicago!!

As many of you know I work for eBay, and have for a few years. Every year eBay does a convention called, eBay live! It was in Chicago this year and I was selected to go. Here is a photo journey through Chicago.

This is where I worked in the convention, it was called Seller Scalability. I had to wear a lab coat, I think they wanted us to look smart or something....

This is the eBay Canada site mascot.

People could leave notes, for pretty much whatever they wanted..This was my favorite one.

This was taken in the employee lounge, and as you can tell being on our feet for 10 hours a day had started to get to us..

Wednesday, June 11

Roller Blading!!!

I know I am a dork but I go roller blading all the time. Enough to get a summer pass at Classic Skating. It is so fun and its a killer workout. Check it out:

Trying out jumping onto the carpet from the rink....

This one was right after I tried the jump they have at Classic Skating. It was my first attempt at jumping something so I was in shock when I landed it.

eBay Live!!

In 7 days I will be in Chicago for work! I am way excited and stressed about it at the same time. I am not sure what I will do with my down time while I am in Chicago. I will for sure have a Chicago style hot dog, and I want to go to Navy pier and the Sears Tower...but thats all I got.