Sunday, March 7

Sweet Lee

My sweet pea Lee is amazing. I woke up Saturday with a awful head cold, without even having to ask for medicine,  Lee asked me if I needed anything. I told him I was all congested and had a headache. Being the husband he is, he knew we didn't have any cold medicine, he volunteered to go to the store for me and fetch me some medicine. So cute.

Not to long after he left he returned home with medicine, but also all the fixings to make a great breakfast. Bless his heart, Lee needs some assistance in the kitchen, so I ended up making breakfast. After all, it was the least I could do for him, after he ran to the store without me even asking. Love that man.

OH! P.S. Totally won the weight loss challenge. I didn't end up winning the $100, instead I managed to talk Lee into buying a new bedroom set and new king mattress. In his words, "Whatever makes you happy my dear". We are going to start remodeling the bedroom, and I plan to put Lee's carpentry skills to use. Pictures to follow.