Wednesday, January 26

Hip Surgery

On tuesday I had my hip surgery. I thought that it would just be the standard hip scope to clean up my torn labrium. However after I had my MRI, we found that I have this random bone issue, where my bone is not round, but jagged. So the doctor had to grind down my bone. My bones have literally been grinding on each other. Awesome huh!

This is the way, the doctor explained my surgery to me:

The scope is pretty simple, two punctures into your hip to clean up the torn tissue and sew it back together so it can heal. The 2nd procedure could probably be done with a scope, but I want to find the exact point of your bone where its grinding on your bone socket. So the best way for me to find this, is for me to put my finger into your hip joint, and raise and rotate your leg around to feel it. Then sand/grind the bone to make it round and smooth.

I am not exaggerating, that is how he described it to me. I spent most of the day in the hospital after surgery, and was finally released around 5. Surgery was scheduled at 6:15 AM. I am getting used to my walker. However I am home all day, so if anyone wants to play or come visit, please do!!!

Sunday, January 2

Night spent in the E.R.

Last Thursday we spent the night in the E.R. at Lakeview. And I wish we hadn't.

All day Thursday I was having really bad stomach cramps, I tried to ignore it, thinking that it was the Chinese food I had eaten the night before. I talked to Lee, and he said he wasn't feeling good either, so I had decided we must have gotten some bad chicken fried rice or something. As the day went on my stomach pain got worse and worse.

We had plans to meet up with my brother Matt and his girlfriend Adrienne for some dinner. By the time I had gotten off of work, I couldn't even sit up straight, and the only way I could find any comfort was crunched over and holding my stomach. On my way home I must have looked like a old lady, barely seeing over the steering wheel, as I was crunching more and more to try to compress my stomach. I had told Lee that I wasn't feeling well, so when I got home he met me with some night time cold medicine, thinking it was maybe the flu. I could barely change and swallow the pills. I crawled into bed, and laid in the fetal position. Breathing deep was so painful, and the only way to breath was short, shallow breaths. My pain kept getting worse and worse. Lee being the worrier that he is, thought for sure it was my appendix, and wanted to be safe, so he insisted that we go to the hospital.

I was able to get my shoes on, and that amount of movement sent me over the edge, and started to throw up from the pain. The cold medicine and ginger ale I managed to swallow earlier came right back up. We got to the E. R. and it felt like we were waiting forever. I was in so much pain. By the time they finally took me back I could barely walk, and they even offered me a wheel chair. But me being as stubborn as I am, I walked myself. We got back to the little "room" and they had me change into a gown. I couldn't even stand up long enough for Lee to tie my gown. I collapsed onto the bed, and got back into the fetal position. The nurse thought I for sure had some issues with my appendix, and could tell I was very much in pain. She got me set up with a IV, and quickly started filling me up with some morphine. This will sound so dumb, and I don't know what they measure morphine in, but I guess for my size I had a lot of morphine, I had 12 of something....I think total time being in the E.R. I had 4 shots of morphine. So, 1 CT scan, 2 sonograms, and a way nasty shake thing they made me was confirmed that my appendix was fine. As it turns out I have a cyst on my left ovary. Joy.

I guess the way to take care of this, is to do nothing. The doctor told me I just have to wait for the cyst to burst. Ya, you read that right, BURST. If the pain from that is anything like the night at the E.R. I hope this doesn't happen for awhile. The doctor armed me with some pain meds, and basically sent me on my way. I was at the E.R. from 10 at night, until probably 7 AM.

My mom and Lee had to tag team the "Katie watch". Lee has to be to work by 6, so my mom came to relieve him around 3 A.M. Thanks mom for your help.

So no surgery on my ovary, but I am scheduled for a hip surgery at the end of the month. I plan on bedazzeling my grandmas walker. But that is another post.

Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, November 14

Home Improvements?

Lee and I bought this house about a year ago. When we moved in, the house had the master bedroom, a regular size bedroom, and a closet they called a bedroom that is in the basement. We dont plan on selling for awhile, but if we ever want to sell, we need 3 actual bedrooms. In the front room, there is the living room, and the dining room. The layout of this house is so random, which is the biggest reason why we loved it. However, the kitchen is across the hallway and a room away from the dining room. We never eat in there because its more work to get the food there, than it is to sit in the kitchen at our little table.

Lee and I had decided that we were going to convert the dining room back into a bedroom. We are pretty sure the dining room was originaly a bedroom. Whoever patched the door with sheet rock did a horrible job. Lee kept telling me that we would start this project, but the start date kept getting changed. So I had to take matters into my own hands... 

As you can tell this is a work in process. We would have gotten more done this weekend, but yesterday our water heater literally exploded. Lee and his brother Glenn replaced it and fixed it, so hopefully we dont have to clean up 50 gallons of water again..

Sunday, November 7


On Saturday we had the ultimate Utah football home game. The yearly TCU VS UTAH blackout game. We woke up early to go to ESPN Game Day, talked some trash talk to TCU fans, made signs, and even got my face painted with my nephew.

ESPN had a bunch of stuff to do at the Game Day broadcast. If you got your face painted you got a free T-shirt, and lucky for Lee, the only had MAN size shirts. So he got my awesome shirt instead.
As Tanner gets older, he looks more and more like my brother Shane. It is crazy.
Swoop and I
We would throw up our "U"s whenever the camera went over head, and show our clever sign.

 The atmosphere was so fun at Game Day. Everyone was so pumped up for the game. People had gotten there like around 5 A. M. I am not a morning person, so there was no way you were getting me there that early. I think we made it there around 8 or so...

After Game Day was over, we went to tailgate up on the top lot where we always park, I made some fajitas, and debated on how the events of the game would happen...

 This was right before kick off, the stadium was so loud. Everyone was "blacked-out".
We were so pumped for the game to begin.
 Getting our game faces on!!! Lets go UTES!!!

The game faces didnt last long. The Utes went a full 3 quarters with no score, not even a field goal. Watching this game was painful, and so embarrassing. The Utes were ranked #5, and TCU #3. Well, there is a big reason that TCU is ranked higher than the Utes. They for sure killed the Utes. Utah finally was saved by Matt Asiata's TD. At least we scored something..
At least I had this little girl to play with while the Utes were embarrassing themselves.
Cutest little Utes fan ever!

Sunday, October 31

Halloween, and random updates!

Since Halloween fell upon a Sunday,  and I had to work on Saturday we missed the trick or treater's. However, I wasn't about to not dress dogs. My little pup Ruby loves her sweaters. It cracks me up, I love to dress her up. I guess when I was growing up and was never interested in dolls or dress up, has finally caught up with me. Instead of Barbie, I have Ruby. It has been determined that Sadie is Lee's dog, and Ruby is mine. We both love our little dogs, but they for sure have picked their masters. These girls love "RIDES", in fact that is almost a four letter word in our house, if you say it, you better mean it, because the go crazy. Notice Ruby's way cute scary sweater.

look at those smiles!

These dogs are like our kids, so I thought it was only fitting to dress them up for Halloween. The original plan was to dress Ruby up like Yoda, but then I quickly realized that our whole family would have to be Star Wars characters, and i was not okay with that. I made Lee play along, and we tried to take a family picture with the timer on the camera. The following are our "attempts":

These are two loving sisters

And as if we didn't look like big enough dog freaks..... ( Lee is such a good sport, I come up with these "good" ideas, and he is always willing to go along with them). I found pumpkin carving templates online, that looked like our dogs. We originally got 4 pumpkins, two for us, and two for the dogs. We only got around to carving the dog's pumpkins.

 Here is Lee's. His looks a lot more like a dog than mine does. This is supposed to be Sadie, and I think he did a pretty good job. Captures our dog's big smile.
Here is my attempt at carving Ruby. Its hard to tell, but there was a lot of "shading"(ya know when you scratch away the orange part of the pumpkin??). So as of now, this pumpkin looks like a lion...but in the day light, it totally looks like a mini schnauzer..kinda.

Oh..and ya...chopped my hair.  It was a lot shorter, but have promised Lee to let it grow out. I am hoping for a pretty awesome mullet. Ya in the front and party in the back!!!