Saturday, April 18

Wedding pictures, HURRAY!!

So I am late putting these up, seeing as how we got them in like February, but better late then never right? Lee's sister and brother in law ( well mine too now!!) did such an awesome job for us. Thanks so much Katie and Steve, and yes Katie, it is weird that I have your name now!! Anyway, there are sooo many pictures to choose from, so here is a sampler. Ha ha, whatevs, enjoy.

I promise to post more.

Motocross super stars!

Now that its warm, it means that its time to go riding. So far this year Lee has rolled my four wheeler on top of him, and I have burned a hole through my riding pants on my pipe, so I think we are done (well almost) with our accidents and its going to be a good riding season. Today we went to the "Delle" with my two brothers, nephews and sister-in-laws. It was a way muddy day, but super fun. I guess dirt bike riding is not a clean sport. As you can see from the pictures of my four wheeler, I got super muddy! Lee is a x-gamer, as you can tell from his jumping ability.