Friday, June 5

Air Force Week

In Utah right now its Air Force week, the other night Lee and I were out BBQ'ing and we kept hearing planes, we didnt think much about it. However we then saw this:

It was so cool to see these planes close, and kind of scary at the same time.

Our awesome garage...

So we are renting a older home right now, and our lease is up in October. We like our little house, but are excited to move.... Here is one of the reasons:

Our garage has broken twice, and gets all twisted and then it wont open or close. The first time it happened, and 300 bucks later it was fixed after 2 days...then maybe a week later it broke again...Awesome.

Birthday trip to Seattle

It was my birthday last week, and for the occasion we decided to drive up to Seattle to visit my brother and his cute little family. My brother Andy and his wife Michelle came with us on the adventure. The drive from Utah to Washington is more or less about 12 hours, so imagine all four of us stuffed into our little rental car with all of our stuff. It was amazing. I guess one good thing about getting a rental car is that you have to be 25 to drive it...well, I am not, so I lucked out on having to take a turn to drive. I studied mi Espanol, and took siesta's.

When we finally got to Casa de los Keddingtons ( see my Spanish is getting better ) I couldn't believe how big Davis was/is. He is so big now, and I am pretty sure that my nephew is a lot cooler than I am. He is soo smart, Shane has taught him some sign language to ask for more, and a few other things. I taught him to count to three, and he just picked it up so fast. He is a sponge! I had so much fun playing with him!!

It was so good to be able to spend time with Shane and Cindy. They are my favorite people that live in Washington. It was depressing to find out that Shane weighs exactlly one pound less than I do. For those of you that don't know my brother Shane, he has weighed the same weight since the 8th grade, and is about 6 foot, and is 32...and his 23 yr old sister weighs more than him. I will be running this weekend to drop that pound! Ha ha. My cute brother baked me a cake and made everyone sing to me. Shane and I have similiar cars, but he has the way faster version of mine, so when we were up there he let me drive it around downtown Seattle. It was super fast, but scary since his car is his car and is protective. Cindy had to work ( TYPICALL ) most of the weekend so we didnt have to much time with her, but I still love her the same.

I had a funny observation of the difference between Seattle people and Salt Lake people when we were downtown on Saturday. There was this HUGE protest for socialized medicine going on in front of one of Cindy's stores.I mean, it was huge, with a band, and marching wih picket signs. I thought it was funny/great of how passionate these people were for the issue, but then had to laugh because I couldnt imagine a protest of this size going on downtown Salt Lake. We went to Pike's market, which is always fun, and hung out with some of Shane's friends while seeing the night life of Seattle. Shane was determined to show me the local night life and not the tourist places. We tried to hit up a local kareoke spot, but the night we went they had live music instead. All in all the weekend was really fun, it was sad to leave but hopefully the Kedd's can come visit in July ( THIS IS A HINT CINDY ). Love you guys, thanks so much for letting us