Wednesday, December 24

Lee broke the rules...

So, if you read the last post, Lee and I decided to not get gifts for each other this year, and do sub for santa. Well, the other night I came home from work and Lee was ordering something for me on the computer and keeps trying to get me to guess what it is. He is the worst at keeping anything a surprise! Little does he know that I have been shopping for him all year and have been storing it at my mom's. So I am glad he broke the rules, so now I can give him these things and not get in trouble. Lee never reads the blog, so I can spill the beans on what I got him. Anyone that knows Lee, knows he loves snowmobiling, so I got him a video of sled-necks. Clothes, because he NEVER buys new clothes for himself, and then 2 new video games. You have to get something fun on Christmas, so thats why I threw in the video games. I have one more thing up my sleeve, but I dont know if I will be able to pull it off. My friend Mike who is on the Utes football team, might be able to sneak a football into practice and get the team to sign it. Lee might pee his pants if I could get it, so we will see!! Don't tell Lee what he is getting!

I hope everyone has a great and safe Christmas!

Sunday, December 7

Peeing your pants for Santa

This year for Christmas, Lee and I decided that instead of spending money on each other, we were going to use that money for sub for Santa. With the economy being the way it is, we thought there probably are a lot of families who can't give Christmas to their kids, so we adopted two kids for Christmas. We got a little boy named Gustavo who is 10, and a little girl named Evelyn who is 9. We went shopping for them and it was so much fun. We don't get to deliver the gifts to them, but we still were able to find the true meaning of Christmas, to give and not to receive. Shopping for two little kids was a very humbling experience for us both. Lee made a comment while we were shopping that put everything in perspective. He said, " I don't know how single parents do this.". It really made me think, and made me feel even more lucky to have what I have. I guess everyone goes through their own hard times and things, but I think that would be so hard to be a single mom and have to provide, and then find someway to give Christmas gifts. I have always looked up to my mom, but she was a single mom for awhile and some how every year she was able to give me and my brothers a great Christmas. However looking back at my childhood I don't remember the gifts as much as I remember the feeling of Christmas. Now a day's Christmas has turned into a retail holiday, which is great, don't get me wrong, everyone likes presents. But I think a lot of people put a lot of weight into what they will receive and not what they will give. Giving doesn't have to be a materialistic thing, but just your time. I have to hand it to Lee, it was his idea to not give gifts this year, and I back him up on his idea of making this a tradition. I think this world would be ten times better if we all thought about that for a bit, and tried to make a difference in someone else's life. My favorite quote is, Service is like peeing your pants, everyone can see you doing it, but you are the one that feels the warmth. Which is so true. I am sure those kids we bought clothes, books, and coats for are going to be very greatful, but I have a feeling that it meant more to me and Lee to be able to give to them.

Anyway, finals are almost over. I have one more on Tuesday then I am DONE! Lets just all hope that I pass my CIS class with the grade the college requires. Cross your fingers and toes for me.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuaka, Happy Kwanza, and Happy Flag day, and whatever else I can wish happy -ness for.

Tuesday, December 2

The FINAL, Final ( @ SLCC)

So it's finals week for Lee and I, and I tell ya, we are the worst procrastinators! We have 2 classes together and in both of our classes we of course have waited until the last minute to do big projects, or take last minute tests. In our CIS class ( a course required by SLCC on computers ) there are 8 tests, that somehow we have managed to wait until this week to take them. Did I mention that the course ends this friday? A little stressed!

I will be SOOOO glad when I am done at SLCC. Seriously, it should not take someone this long to graduate from SLCC, but I guess that is what happens when you pay your own way and lose motivation for a while. I can almost see the bright RED light of the U. I have never been so excited to go to a different school. My dear husband is thinking of becoming a CNRA, so he is trying to figure out what pre-req's he has to do before he can apply for school for that.

In other news, my sweet sister dyed my hair black for me and made me look like a rockstar. Thanks Liz! You always make me look awesome. After she finished doing my hair, I turned to her and told her that she always does my hair WAY better than I can, and her reply was that she is a professional, which is true I guess. If anyone needs a hair cut seriously go see her, she is amazing. She works at Lunatic Fringe, she is awesome. Its so fun to randomly have a sister in my life, she told me today that she talks to me more than she talks to her sisters that she grew up with, my response was that we just needed more ground to cover. It is funny, because my whole life I felt like I didn't look like anyone in my family, but now that I have reconnected with my sister (after 14 years!), she showed me pictures of my dad's side of the fam, and I look like them. Yes! I am not adopted!! ( Just kidding mom! )

Anyway, I am stalling from doing homework and online tests. Wish me luck! This dang computer class I think is going to be the only one I struggle with just because I have procrastinated for so long! Back to the grind!

Tuesday, November 25

The First Thanksgiving (For Us)

We have been married for about two months now, and its awesome. Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we have no one to share it with other than ourselves. Lee's awesome sister invited us up to Idaho for dinner, but we both have to work and can't take time off so we couldn't go be with Lee's family, which includes Katie and Steve and their two cute kids, Abbee and Evan, my awesome new mother in law, new brother in law Glen, and his wife Liv' and their cute little baby girl Freya. My mom and Allen are on their honeymoon in Hawaii, my brother Andy and his wife Michelle drove up to Seattle to spend it with my other brother Shane and his cute wife Cindy and my adorable nephew Davis. My oldest brother Matt will be in Utah, but I am pretty sure he will go to his Dad's with his girlfriend and hang out with his kids. So, that leaves me and Lee to fend for ourselves. Ha ha, I think we will make it through. ( that sounds so pathetic, ha ha )

So we are torn on what to do, if I should bravely try to make a thanksgiving dinner without burning down our house, setting off the fire alarm, making black gravy, and charing the turkey, or if we should go with the safer alternative and go out to dinner. I figure eventually I will need to learn how to make a thanksgiving dinner but I should probably learn while watching someone do it. Either way its still up in the air of what we will do. Any idea's for a good place to get thanksgiving dinner in SLC? Other than Little America ?

Thursday, November 20

Update on the test challenge

I totally beat Lee. It was awesome.

Lee is sooo excited for the game on Saturday, he asks me everyday if the Utes are going to win, I hope they do. Otherwise I will have a grumpy husband!

Tuesday, November 18

Oh its on!

Tonight is the night that I have my class with my sweet husband. Tonight is our 2nd midterm. Last class time I was late because I couldnt get off work early enough to make it to class so Lee went early and turned in my assignment for me, and I showed up about a hour and a half late. Once I arrived Lee left to go home and watch the jazz game. Well, that night we did a test review, that didnt happen to start until I got there. So Lee left, and I took notes. I was going to share them with Lee, but he said, I bet I can get a better grade than you and I wont even study. So, after the challenge was given, I for sure wasnt going to share my notes. I get off work in about a hour to go take the mid term, and I have been studying for the past 2 hours. I better beat Lee!! Who cares about a good grade, its all about braging rights.

Wednesday, November 12

Why are we running?

I have been inspired by a friends blog to start working out again. Gee thanks Melinda. So at work I have a gym that I can use, and I have decided to take full advantage of my hour lunch and work out. So I have been bringing my lunch and eating it around 12, and then my lunch is usually around 2. I will go change and hop on the "dreadmill" and run for at least 20 minutes then hit some weights for strength training. There is always some kind of movie on that I can put my attention on so I can block out how long I have been running.

The problem is, I started this new routine on Monday, it is now Wednesday and I am so sore. I thought it would be awhile before I got sore. I am fighting to get enough ambition to get my butt back in the gym today and continue on this new road to wellness I have started. Part of this change, means that I am trying to eat healthier, I am not a fish eater. At all. On Sunday I made Halibut for dinner and I forced myself to eat it. I have decided I am going to get over my fish-phobia. So far so good, but my sweet husband now thinks since I tried Halibut, it means that I want to eat shrimp, which I refer to as the cockroach of the sea. Baby steps...

The goal is to have this rockin' bod by January when its time for our cruise to Mexico. I just need to stay motivated!

Well, gotta run....on the treadmill

By the way, Happy Birthday (Yesterday) Mom!! Happy 30th

Monday, November 10

10 and 0

Utes 13...TCU 10. So that makes the Utes 10 and 0, No big deal.

Lee and my brother Andy at the game after the win, they were way excited!
Everyone rushing the field after the game and the big win.
Matt..Adrienne.. Michelle..Andy
The Schultz Family
Patiently waiting for the game to start....

The game was fun, but way cold. The bleachers had snow and water all over them so they were all wet and cold. The utes pulled off the win in the last 2 minutes, and I dont think the stadium has ever been that loud. Lee got so excited he had a headache after the game. The utes are on fire this season, and I am hoping we can scorch the cougars. I like my cougar medium rare.

Tuesday, November 4

Frustration Proclomation!

This semester is about half over, and I could not be happier about it. I miss the days of high school were I could stroll in to debate late with a bagel and orange juice and barely do my homework. Now that I am a grown up, I work and do school full time, and see no end in sight of ever graduating. I am lacking motivation! I WILL graduate from SLCC this semester, and then go to the big kid school ( The U ). I will be working on my communmications degree which should come in handy now that I work for the biggest communication company in the U.S. I think school is overrated, most of my classes are filled with busy work, that I think either the teacher is bored, or the school instructs them to make us hate their class. I am not sure on which one it is.

My sweet husband is thinking of switching his major from finance to radiology. So if you have any info on radiology please let me know. He is such a sweetheart, he keeps asking me if I am ok with him changing his major, but then I say, do what makes you happy.

We have classes together right now, and I think its a pretty good trade. In one of our classes I do all the homework, and in the other class Lee will do most of it. It is nice having a class with my husband, so when I feel like I cant handle our rambeling instructor anymore he does something to entertain me to help pass the time.

Enough! I WILL be positive, I WILL enjoy school, and I WILL do my homework with a smile! Ha, ya right, but I thought it was worth a shot.

Tuesday, October 28

The cutest stinkin thing ever!

My NEW cute little niece, Abbee made the cutest card for me. Abbe is Katie's daughter (Lee's older sister). They live up in Ashton, Idaho so we don't get to see them very often. Abbee asked in her card if I wanted to be pen pals, and Abbee, my answer is yes!

Notice the detail in the scary spiderweb! She is such an artist.

My scanner cut part of this off, but I am pretty sure that is me and Abbee. Notice the detail in our hair color, and her added note of "Oh Happy Halloween". This note made my week! It is hung up on our fridge, and I will be sending Abbee a note soon!

Monday, October 27

What a weekend!

This weekend was eventful, but fun. On Saturday we loaded up the four wheeler and dirt bike and went to the sand dunes with Matt and Adrienne. It was a good time, even though I had to get up early to load up the truck. I am so not a morning person. The trip was good, and very tiring. Lee managed to not hurt himself this trip, which is a monumental event. Lee and Matt are trying really hard to get snowmobiles. I told Lee that he can get one, it just means I get a prize too. I thought that was fair.

On Saturday night we went to dinner with my sister Liz and her boyfriend Chris. It's fun being able to catch up with her and hear about my extended family that I know nothing about. Liz is about 11 years older than I am, so there is a big age gap between us. After dinner Lee and I went over to her house and played uno and guitar hero. I am awful at guitar hero so I let Lee take the lead. If we were playing rockband I would have jumped in, I shred it on the drums.

On Sunday it was a pretty relaxed day. Lee helped me clean up the house and he finally used our pink Dyson. He complained that I bought an expensive vacuum, but once he used it, he understood why. Lee did make me lunch and he was really proud of himself for it. He made me a turkey sandwich...with chips. We went to dinner at my mom's and played with the dogs. Then went home and went to bed.

I started my new work schedule today, which is 10-7. I am not excited about this schedule because Lee gets off work at 4, but luckily I can change my schedule again in a month. There are a few advantages to working a later shift.

1-I can sleep in, since I am not a morning person this is nice.
2-I can catch the first part of the Price is Right
3-There is little traffic that I run into on my way to work.
4-I have time to do some house work in the morning.

So far that is all I have come up with, but if there is anyone else that works later shifts let me know of some other perks.

Sunday, October 19

Update the blog..

As you can tell the background has changed....

However since I changed the background all the links to peoples blogs had disappeared. Sooo, if your blog isn't on the list, please leave me a comment so I can add your blog.

This weekend was a great weekend. On Friday night Lee and I were so tired from the week we both came home after work and layed around until about 9 and then went to bed. It is so awesome being married, we dont have to do stuff anymore! Just kidding. On Saturday we went to the Ute game, and had field passes. It was so awesome to see Snatch ( Mike Wright #20). I went to high school with Mike and he is the coolest guy. The Utes won, which meant I had a happy husband, and the BYU loss helped!!

After the game we went to the Cotton Bottom in Holladay for some yummy garlic burgers, and then went home and hung out with Andy and Michelle. Lee decided he was going to go ride his dirt bike on Sunday so he was working on that most of the night. Sunday I had most of the day to myself, Lee went riding with my brothers, so I took advantage of a quiet house and took care of some homework and wife duties.

My mom called me and told me that my grandma is in the hospital. She has to have surgery tomorrow, she has a clogged artery in her heart and they need to clear it up. This is the second time she has had to have this surgery so we pray everything will go ok.

How freakin' cute is my grandma?

That about covers it for the update on the weeked. Hope everyone had a good rest, now its back to Monday and work!

Friday, October 17

Married life...

So its official, we are married and its awesome. We had dated for about 3 years so the transition from dating to being married was pretty easy. All the is different is that Lee sleeps over now. Our little house doesnt have a dish washer, well it does but its named Katie. Lee thinks we have an arrangement, that I do dishes and he vacuums. However he hasn't started his end of the deal. Other than that he has been great, he helps me with dishes and makes the bed on the weekends. As long as I let him watch football we don't have any issues. It's so nice to be married and have everything back to normal.

The wedding was gorgeous and everyone that helped went above and beyond. Thanks mom. Speaking of my mom, she is getting married on November 1st in Bountiful at a friends house. I will have pictures of the wedding and her's soon.

Things are awesome and its so great being married!

Tuesday, September 30

Bachelorette Party!

My sister in law Michelle has been great through out this whole process. Cindy and her threw me a shower, and then that night along with Chelsea, Adrienne, My Mom, and those two. We started the night at Pei Wei for dinner, then hit up my favorite place for Kareoke. There was one twist, Michelle got me something special that I HAD to wear...

This was part of my outfit I had to wear. All together it was a pair of bunny ears, a bowtie, and of course a tail that was pinned to my jeans.
This is me and Adrienne, I cant remember what Cindy told us to do..I think we were acting like my grandma was telling us a story.
Adrienne was excited?

Chelsea an Cindy were fast friends..
We made my mom sing! But she made me sing with her.
Getting ready to sing..

I sang with this weird guy, Tom who signed us up for Summer nights. Kareoke is a great place to make friends.

Meeting my new step siblings

My mom is getting married which meant that I will have new siblings. Allen is a great cook and has an arrangement with my mom that he will cook as long as she vacuums the house. He did a seafood boil with lots of different kinds of seafood, and then there was me and Vanessa ( his only daughter who happens to be my age and went to Woods Cross) who dosen't care for seafood so we got steaks. All of his kids were there, Sean, Ben, Art, Vanessa, Bryan, and Vanessa's husband Kendal, and Ben is engaged to a super cute girl named Mela. The party was at my house in the backyard, so I obviously was there along with Andy and Michelle, Adrienne, Shane and Davis. Matt was working late and Cindy was in Canada for work.

**Dont worry Cindy, he didnt have ANY Pepsi at all, but he sure did want some!!

Tj Roberts wedding

TJ got married last Saturday and Lee was in his line. TJ and Sophie looked amazing and you could tell how happy they were. However being that Lee is great friends with TJ it meant that Lee got to help decorate TJ and Soph's car...TJ warned me that there will be revenge.

Family cabin weekend trip

Shane and Cindy were nice enough to share the Davis' family cabin with all of us. Here are a few pictures of the event.This is how Connor fell asleep, on the stairs.


Thursday, September 18


I am almost completely moved into our house. Lee will move in when the wedding is close and then start living there after we are official. The house is good and weird at the same time. I feel like a big kid living on my own. There are some random noises that I still need to get used to but all in all being on my own has been fun and challenging. Every room has been cleaned except for the front room but that should be taken care of on Saturday. I moved in all my kitchen stuff and can't wait to start using it. The only draw back to this house is that there is no dishwasher, so I will be showing Lee how to clean dishes!!

Update on the whole reconnecting with my long lost family...

I went the other day and got a haircut from my half sister who is the same age as my oldest brother. She has a little boy who just started junior high and she works for Lunatic Fringe. She seems the same to me but then again I havent really seen her in 14 yrs. Chris (my dad) will call every now and then and I am trying to make an effort to talk to him but its still weird. I will be amazed if he shows up to the wedding.

I get married in a little less than 2 weeks...cant wait!!

Tuesday, September 2

Updation Proclamation!!

Updates Galore...

Katie got a new job and has left the wonderful world of eBay. I am going to be working at Comcast.

After Lee and I went to look at the tini apartment that I mentioned Lee vetoed that place. He didnt like the area, and he is so tall he would have to crouch down in the shower...kind of like that part in Elf..
So, that meant that we needed to find another place to live. As many of your know, my mother is getting married. Her fiance lives in a house that is about a mile from where I live now. He rents it and it has a garage. It is a little bit of an older home but it has a roof and running water. Its 70's-tastic! With the poop yellow carpet and all. Since my mother's fiance will move in with her, we are going to try to rent this home that he lives in now for a few months and then look for a house.
School has started...and for the most part it isnt so bad, except for my geopgraphy class that I have with Lee. The instructor is an older guy and goes off on these random thoughts he has for like 20 minutes. The class is once a week so its like 3 hours of that crap! If I didnt have the class with Lee I would go crazy.
Utes Football is in full swing and has started off with a bang! Who would have thought that a little football team from Utah would beat the most popular team in College football? Well..I did. The Utes conqured over Michigan! Lee is super excited, and since we have season tickets to the Utes he can't wait for next weeks game against UNLV. Lee does however have to miss 1 Ute game. The Utes are playing on our wedding and like the mean wife I am, I told him he couldnt go to the game because we needed to get married.

Thursday, August 21

Katie who?

Anyone that knows me, knows that I don't really have much contact with my biological dad. Growing up he wasn't the coolest guy, but now that I am older I am trying to let go of the past and reconnect with people. I decided that I wanted to let my dad know that I was getting married, but the hard part was that I hadn't spoken to my dad in about 5 years and I didn't have any contact information for him. So like any internet savy nerd, I googled him. I knew he lived in New Mexico, so I started by looking in the phonebooks for New Mexico, but the problem is that there are a lot of Chris Aragon's in that state. SO I found one that I thought was him, and sent a letter. I only sent one letter, and as it turns out I found the right house. The letter went to his ex wife Cheri who was kind enough to email me and give me a phone number and even offered to help me find him if the number didnt work. After working up some courage I called the number and spoke with my dad. At first he didnt know who I was, but after he figured it out he was so happy to talk to me. I was kind of nervous to talk to him so I didnt really take the time I should have to catch up with him. I just asked him for his address, and how to contact my half sister that I have. She is, I think 10 years older than I am and has a little boy. She lives in NSLC and is not married.

Chris called me later that night when I was o my way to school and we kind of caught up. I never knew I had so many aunts and uncles, I think the total was like 8 or 9, and I think I have something like 40 cousins. He is getting remarried for I think the 3rd time so a woman who is native american. I dont know what he does for work, but he is working and also is still going to AA meetings and helps with group meetings for that. He said he was really going to try to make it to my wedding. I am nervous to see him, but excited at the same time. We never have had the best relationship, but he is still my dad and I think I owe it to myself to try to have a relationship to him. He asked me when I was going to give him grandkids....I sighed and said well not for a while until I am at least done with school. But it made me think, that my kids wont really have a grandpa since Lee's dad passed away a few years ago. So if not for me, I should try to have a relationship for my unborn children ( man that sounds weird). This whole situation is strange, but it sounds like my dad has figured out that I am going to let go of the past and give him a chance.

Just like any dad, he asked me who was walking me down the aisle...I laughed and said my brothers. I dont think we are that close that he gets to walk me down the aisle...ha ha.

Monday, August 18

Time to get a movin'

Things are coming at me fast and my stress level is starting to rise. I am moving out of the nest in 2 weeks into a tini apartment! My sister-in-law's parents own a house in kinda scary Salt Lake, and they offered to rent the back part of the house to us for super cheap. Its like a studio apartment, I think something around 500 square feet. I am going through everything this week and trying to organize it all so I can get the apartment all organized so when Lee moves in when we are married its all settled. Since this place is pretty small I don't really need to get anything to furnish it. I have my bed, luv sac, desk, tv, 2 end tables, and then some furniture my mom has donated. She is officially engaged now, so she has to clear some room for Allen's things. Because of this, I have profited, I have gained the sectional couch, and some dishes. Now that the wedding is only 45 days away I am starting to have anxiety. I am not nervous for the wedding, I am just nervous to see if I can get everything done in time. With school starting this week it might be a little bit harder to iron out the wedding plans, but with my mom and all my friends who have offered to help with anything I think I might be ok.

The next things I need to figure out once I am moved in is all the big kid stuff, like setting up internet (for my internet courses), cable and utilities. If anyone, who is all ready a big kid knows of a good internet provider let me know. I have sworn off Comcast....

Wednesday, August 13

The Wedding Checklist...

The wedding plans are getting taken care of as the big day rapidly approaches!! Last night I went shopping with Lee to get his suit and we also got his wedding ring. I just ordered my sash for my dress, that should be here in a week or so because its coming from the UK! My mom is basically in charge of everything to do with design and accents. She is better at that stuff than I am.

I am going over my list of invites, but I need peoples address's. Please email me your address, or leave it as a comment on this blog.

Many of you know, but I may as well blog about it.....

My mom is getting married!! It isn't official with a ring on her finger yet, but her and Allen went ring shopping and she will most likely have a ring on her finger soon. The two took my grandma out to dinner to let he know, so I have a feeling it should happen soon. My mom dated this guy 37 years ago, and then randomly found each other a month ago. It's a little fast, but me and all my brothers agree, that as long as she is happy we will support her decision.

Congrats Mom!

So basically right after my wedding raps up, she will start the details for her own wedding, she last told me that she was thinking of November 1st for her big day. It's crazy!

Friday, August 8

Last Semester at SLCC!!!

I have never been excited to start school, but this semester is different. This is officially my last semester at SLCC. I consider SLCC to be Adult High School. SLCC has been good to me, considering I took my time on getting my associates. It really shouldn't take 4 years to get your associates, but that is what happens when you pay for school yourself, and sometimes run out of motivation and take semesters off.

After some soul searching I am going to pursue a degree in Communications. Mainly because eBay will pay for it, and I can use it anywhere. I just need to decide if I want to go into Speech or Mass communication.

Speech communication would consist of a lot of public speaking. However speech communication majors can sometimes have a hard time finding work since the degree is not as easy to categorize. I could use it in business, advertising, education, social service, and broadcasting.

Mass communication would consist of a lot of journalism classes. This type of major opens a lot more doors because its more of a general degree, kind of like a business degree. When I looked up what I could do with this major, I found some random jobs. Here are my favorites: camera operator, actor, critic, disc jockey, lobbyist, fundraiser, clergy, photographer, and a children's book author.

I am not sure which one to pursue...I need help. I have a semester to figure it out. After this semester I get to go to the big girl school. I can't wait. Now I can be a true Utes football fan!!!

I applied for graduation today!!! It was crazy. The form asked me what name I wanted on the certificate, and I got to put my new name! It will read, Kathryn Ellen Schultz. Now THAT is weird!!!

Monday, August 4


My work had a team building exercise on Friday. We all were done working by one, then got to go play softball until five. It was way fun, even though it was way hot. My team won our first game, and lost by one run on our second game.

Heck yes!! I hit that ball all the way to the back fence!

Leading off the bases...
I showed Lee this picture, and in his attempt to be funny said "Who is that little boy?". Needless to say I will be retiring my SL Bee's hat.