Tuesday, February 16

Almost there!

The weight loss challenge continues!!

I am at my goal weight, and am maintaining it. Lee did say that when the end of the month comes whomever is at their goal weight wins. In the event that we both meet our goal weight it will come down to who lost more, once meeting their goal weight.


I am kicking Lee's butt pretty much. Lee told me today that he is still 11 pounds away from his goal. Suddenly I'm not so worried about this challenge anymore.

However, I did go grocery shopping and got a lot of temptation food for Lee. All is fair in love,weight loss and war.

Tuesday, February 2

28 day challenge

On 1/31/2010 Lee decided that he wanted to start a challenge. He put $100 bucks on the line, which got me interested. Lee challenged me to a weight loss challenge. Whoever gets to their goal weight by the end of the month of February wins the cash, and can spend it however they like. I felt pretty confidant that I could beat him in this challenge so I accepted.

Lee needs to lose 20 pounds to get to his goal weight.

Katie needs to lose 5.5 pounds to get to her goal weight.

Seems like I should win right? Well, those dang boys lose weight a lot easier than girls do. On 2/1/2010, Lee informed me that he had all ready lost 2 pounds.

This is going to be a long month. Lee knows that I wont eat fish or eggs, so on Monday he called me to inform me that he had bought all this food that was going to help him beat me. I came home to a house that smelt like tuna and boiled eggs. GAG!!! In the spirit of competition, I hit up the store for my own food to help me stick to the plan. Our fridge looks like there was a line drawn in the sand. His food is on one side, and mine on the other!

So far I haven't missed a day of working out, and don't plan to lose this challenge. If anyone wants to go for a jog let me know.

I'll keep you updated.