Friday, May 30

Latest activities.....

Lee has been expanding my fun factor. We recently have started golfing together, and I just got a four wheeler. Golf is hard, and I am starting to realize why so many people throw their golf clubs!! Four wheeling is super fun, but I am still getting the hang of it.

Thursday, May 29

My team is the best!

A few weeks ago I found this piggy bank that they only sell in Japan that I really wanted. It is a motion sensor thing, so when it sees you about to feed it money, it opens it mouth and eats it. Its soo cute, it looks like its eating it.My team even got me my very own birthday cake.

My Mom is sooo cute.

The whole my little pony idea is an inside joke....

Up the stairs to my part of the house.....
Today is my birthday and my mom has gone all out. She decorated the house last night with pink and purple streamers and balloons. She even got me a Happy Birthday banner that is my little pony. She got me a party hat, and she told me that I had to wear it and take here they are mom..

She must be having some issues with me growing up. With all of the pink and purple decorations, and my party hat, it wouldn't be complete if I didn't have a treat to share at work. My mother was on top of the birthday today!!


She was even sweet enough to send me flowers at work!!

You are awesome mom!! I love you. Thank you for everything.

Monday, May 12

Keddington Designs

My awesome brother Shane is super artistic and way amazing. He designed and made his sons birth announcements so I asked him if he would design my invitations. Turns out he is amazing, all I told him was that I wanted certain colors, and this is what he came up with. He made a sample and is going to send it home with Andy and Michelle who are going to visit him next week up in Seattle. This is just a portion of the invite, but it gives you the general idea. Thanks Shane, you rock!

Friday, May 9

Being the youngest has it's perks...

I am the youngest in my family, and have watched all most all of my siblings get married. I have also helped my mother on all of the weddings she has done flowers for, so I feel like I have learned what to do and what not to do as far as weddings go. Here is a list of things that I have learned not to do:

Do not get married in July, it is waaaaay to hot.
Get married somewhere, where they have to do the yard work and not you. (Since pretty much all of my brothers and sisters were married in backyards).
Do not wear white airwalks under your wedding dress.
Watch out for the "red" cups.
Make sure your mother/mother in law are not crazy. ( I'm lucky that my mother and mother in law are completely sane).

Do not buy a wedding cake.

I will admit wedding cakes are classic, traditional, but lets face it, no one eats it. I have a hard time justifying 300-400 dollars for a cake, that no one will eat. That being said, I have opted to not have a cake. My vast wedding knowledge has given me a leg up on planning my own wedding, so I am going to have cupcakes! Before you say, okay, Katie...cupcakes? Are you 14? Take a look at this:

I am planning on having tiers of cupcakes in our colors, and for me and Lee we will have special tux and bride cupcakes. I know, its way cute, you dont have to tell me. LOL

Thursday, May 8

Baby Mama Drama

Last night I went to see the movie Baby Mama. I went with my Mom at the theater up the road from our house. I was way excited to see the movie, I had heard it was way funny. So when I got there and sat down I was ready to laugh so hard that I peed a little. As it turns out, that didnt happen. There was a lady there with a baby, who kept crying. The mother of this child thought it was fine, and not annoying to anyone else in the theater. She let her child roam throughout the theater, and at one point in the movie the child was on my row. I had to force myself to not shout out things like, "Shut your kid up!", and "This is not church!!". My mother and I were so annoyed! My mom at one point left the movie to complain to have someone ask this lady to leave. No one from the theater came in like they promised they would. After the movie I was super annoyed and went to complain, and I guess I was super scary to the manager because she said she was going to give us free tickets, but she never came back out to give them to us, she had someone else give them to us. If someone was to ask me what this movie was about, I would have to say that I have no idea. I guess I will wait until it comes out on video and watch it then in the comfort of my own home, which does not have any screaming baby's.

Tuesday, May 6


The colors for the wedding are Chocolate Brown and Tiffany Blue

Rose Sachs Garden

Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate the girly planning stuff. Last Saturday I was able to get the two hard things about planning a wedding out of the way. I booked our ceremony/reception site, and ordered a dress. The dress wont be here until the end of July, so more word on that later! Thanks mom! LOL

The location is Rose Sachs Garden. It is located up Parleys Canyon. It has three water falls, and is surrounded by trees. Check out these photos to get a general idea. In October the leaves will be changing and the weather should still be in the 70's.

Finally Engaged!!

Lee popped the question on 4/25/08(My brothers birthday, Lee called him to make sure he wouldn't be annoyed we stole his thunder). Lee is a big joker. The back story on this, is that I hate balloons, I just think they are annoying. Lee made up this story that we were going to go look at this house that he wanted to buy, so when I got off work I met him up at Tanner Park in Holladay. When he got there he was acting all weird so I knew something was up. We walked around for a while, then he said "Lets sit down and chit chat". After about a minute of sitting there, he said he had a present for me, and that it was one of my favorite things, and that they were colorful and float. He then went to his car to get my "present". I saw the balloons come out of his car, and I was like, "Are you kidding me? You get my hopes up and you are giving me balloons?". As he got closer he opened a ring box and I could see a ring, but he was far enough away for me to not tell if it was my ring or some random ring. He somehow had the ring box attached to the bunch of balloons. When I saw the ring box I ran up to him to give him a big hug, he then acted like he fell over and let go of the balloons. I was so upset, I yelled at him and then I made him get in my car with me, and made him watch the balloons as I followed them. I was driving like Ace Ventura, with my face outside of the car, and telling Lee he was an idiot. After about a block he told me to just forget it, and to take him back to his car since he had it insured, so he could call the guy. When I dropped him off, I was obviously still upset, he told me he had gotten me some flowers and a little present, and that I could have it, since he had messed up my proposal. He walked away to call about the ring, I opened the present and it was another ring box with a note inside that said, " Do you think I'm that dumb? Come out side, I have something for you". I then went outside to meet Lee. I had the note in my hand, and was thinking maybe he was supposed to give this to me before he let go of the balloons. He then showed me my ring, and said "So Kate, Will you?". I of course wanted to say yes, but I told Lee, "Lee, you only get to ask me this questions once, do it right and get down on your knee". So he did, and asked me for real, and I said yes!!

I guess Lee had practiced how he was going to let go of the balloons, and he practiced how he was going to act "sad" after he let them go. I have to say, he did an awesome job. I totally believed it all. Anyone who knows Lee, knows that he is not one for the dramatics, but he did a way good job acting. I was pissed at him, then I felt sorry for him, and then I was head over heels happy and in love with him, it was a cycle of emotions...all within a half hour.