Tuesday, October 28

The cutest stinkin thing ever!

My NEW cute little niece, Abbee made the cutest card for me. Abbe is Katie's daughter (Lee's older sister). They live up in Ashton, Idaho so we don't get to see them very often. Abbee asked in her card if I wanted to be pen pals, and Abbee, my answer is yes!

Notice the detail in the scary spiderweb! She is such an artist.

My scanner cut part of this off, but I am pretty sure that is me and Abbee. Notice the detail in our hair color, and her added note of "Oh Happy Halloween". This note made my week! It is hung up on our fridge, and I will be sending Abbee a note soon!

Monday, October 27

What a weekend!

This weekend was eventful, but fun. On Saturday we loaded up the four wheeler and dirt bike and went to the sand dunes with Matt and Adrienne. It was a good time, even though I had to get up early to load up the truck. I am so not a morning person. The trip was good, and very tiring. Lee managed to not hurt himself this trip, which is a monumental event. Lee and Matt are trying really hard to get snowmobiles. I told Lee that he can get one, it just means I get a prize too. I thought that was fair.

On Saturday night we went to dinner with my sister Liz and her boyfriend Chris. It's fun being able to catch up with her and hear about my extended family that I know nothing about. Liz is about 11 years older than I am, so there is a big age gap between us. After dinner Lee and I went over to her house and played uno and guitar hero. I am awful at guitar hero so I let Lee take the lead. If we were playing rockband I would have jumped in, I shred it on the drums.

On Sunday it was a pretty relaxed day. Lee helped me clean up the house and he finally used our pink Dyson. He complained that I bought an expensive vacuum, but once he used it, he understood why. Lee did make me lunch and he was really proud of himself for it. He made me a turkey sandwich...with chips. We went to dinner at my mom's and played with the dogs. Then went home and went to bed.

I started my new work schedule today, which is 10-7. I am not excited about this schedule because Lee gets off work at 4, but luckily I can change my schedule again in a month. There are a few advantages to working a later shift.

1-I can sleep in, since I am not a morning person this is nice.
2-I can catch the first part of the Price is Right
3-There is little traffic that I run into on my way to work.
4-I have time to do some house work in the morning.

So far that is all I have come up with, but if there is anyone else that works later shifts let me know of some other perks.

Sunday, October 19

Update the blog..

As you can tell the background has changed....

However since I changed the background all the links to peoples blogs had disappeared. Sooo, if your blog isn't on the list, please leave me a comment so I can add your blog.

This weekend was a great weekend. On Friday night Lee and I were so tired from the week we both came home after work and layed around until about 9 and then went to bed. It is so awesome being married, we dont have to do stuff anymore! Just kidding. On Saturday we went to the Ute game, and had field passes. It was so awesome to see Snatch ( Mike Wright #20). I went to high school with Mike and he is the coolest guy. The Utes won, which meant I had a happy husband, and the BYU loss helped!!

After the game we went to the Cotton Bottom in Holladay for some yummy garlic burgers, and then went home and hung out with Andy and Michelle. Lee decided he was going to go ride his dirt bike on Sunday so he was working on that most of the night. Sunday I had most of the day to myself, Lee went riding with my brothers, so I took advantage of a quiet house and took care of some homework and wife duties.

My mom called me and told me that my grandma is in the hospital. She has to have surgery tomorrow, she has a clogged artery in her heart and they need to clear it up. This is the second time she has had to have this surgery so we pray everything will go ok.

How freakin' cute is my grandma?

That about covers it for the update on the weeked. Hope everyone had a good rest, now its back to Monday and work!

Friday, October 17

Married life...

So its official, we are married and its awesome. We had dated for about 3 years so the transition from dating to being married was pretty easy. All the is different is that Lee sleeps over now. Our little house doesnt have a dish washer, well it does but its named Katie. Lee thinks we have an arrangement, that I do dishes and he vacuums. However he hasn't started his end of the deal. Other than that he has been great, he helps me with dishes and makes the bed on the weekends. As long as I let him watch football we don't have any issues. It's so nice to be married and have everything back to normal.

The wedding was gorgeous and everyone that helped went above and beyond. Thanks mom. Speaking of my mom, she is getting married on November 1st in Bountiful at a friends house. I will have pictures of the wedding and her's soon.

Things are awesome and its so great being married!