Thursday, July 9

House Hunting!!

Our lease is up soon, which means we have some decisions to make. My oldest brother Matt has his own business being a mortgage broker. We went through him to get our mortgage, and did a great job. If anyone needs help with a mortgage, Matt can take care of ya!

We have been approved, so now the hard part comes... trying to find a place to live! We are thinking we want to live in the Bountiful area. It's exciting!!

If anyone knows of cute houses in the Bountiful/Centerville area let me know!!

Wednesday, July 8

89 years young!

I have been slacking with blogging lately! Sorry, I will try to not suck at it. In June, it was my grandma's birthday and she is now 89 years old!! She is still a spit fire. We had a birthday party for her at her apartments and played bingo with all her friends. She is too cute!

My awesome grandma and her friends having cake.

For my grandma's birthday, my brother Andy was teasing her that he was going to get a tattoo for her. We didnt believe him, but as it turns out..

It turned out pretty cool. We called my grandma when we were at the tattoo shop, it was around 9 p.m., and we asked her what her favorite color was, she told us not to buy her anything.. so then we posed the question, of if she had to wear a blouse, the same color for the rest of her life, she chose blue. She then told me to not come visit her or call her anymore that night, since it was past her bedtime. She cracks me up!!

Andy opted to get the year she was born with her name as well. They guy that tattoo'd thought we had mispelled Vepsa, but sure enough, I think we have the one and only Vesta!!! Love you Grandma!

She did have a health scare recently with mini strokes but she is now home and doing well. She might have to have surgery, but more updates to come with that.