Monday, August 2

My Buddy

Last Saturday I was faced with a very difficult decision. My dog Bandit, who I have had since I was 12 was very sick. He started acting very lethargic and wouldn't eat anything unless you forced him. Anyone that has met Bandit knows he is like a garbage disposal and would eat just about anything. He is the only dog I know of that would eat cooked tomatoes. Knowing that he was acting out of character I made a vet visit appointment for him. With my job being as lame as it is, I couldn't get time off to take him in, so my mom had to take him in. After Dr. Belnap checked him out and did some blood work, the prognosis came back and it wasn't a good one. Bandit had 3 tumors, and was in kidney failure. With Bandit's size and age of 12, Dr. Belnap said he is like a 93 year old man. We discussed our options with Dr. Belnap, who said surgery was out of the question, and at best he would have a few months, but would basically starve to death.  After hearing that news we knew what we needed to do, as hard as it would be, it is what was best for my buddy. Friday night I stayed at my mom's and slept on the floor for a little while with my dog for his last night, and rubbed his back and told him it was okay to go. On Saturday morning we took Bandit to the park before going to the vet. He explored around the park, and had enough energy to even roll around in the grass., We then took him to Dr. Belnap's office and put him to sleep. He went very peacefully, and I really think he knew what was happening and knew that this was best for him. We didn't want him to suffer, and it would have just been us being selfish by keeping him alive longer. After leaving Dr. Belnap's office we took Bandit home and buried him next to his girlfriend, Kiera, who had been hit by a car a year ago. I can just imagine them playing with tennis balls, and wrestling again. Makes me smile to think of the two of them playing together again. Brings a tear to my eye to think Bandit isn't around, but as a dog mom, I had to make the best decision for him. My mom left the decision up to me, since he was my dog. Bandit and I grew up together, and he always took care of me. I can remember anytime I was sad, Bandit would be right there to give me a lick and cuddle, and when I was happy he was there waging his tail like crazy. He was an amazing dog and could never be replaced. I love my little rug rat dogs that we have, but Bandit was truly man woman's best friend. Lee made me feel better by telling me his Dad was probably throwing a tennis ball for Bandit, and that his Dad would take care of him now. Lee and my girls ( Sadie and Ruby ) even sent my flowers at work on Friday to make me feel better. What a cute family I have.

I will for sure miss Bandit, but know that he is happy and playing like crazy now. I also wanted to say thank you to Dr. Eric Belnap for being so kind and comforting to my mom, and I. He allowed us to be there with Bandit, and take him home to be buried in his yard. Thank you for your kind words and hugs.