Sunday, December 13

The newest Schultz family member..

Introducing Sadie Mae

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love dogs. Lee and I had discussed getting a puppy for Christmas, and that since we now have a house, we could have a dog. I had decided that I wanted to rescue a dog and adopt a dog who really needed a home. Lee was on board with this decision as well. The very next day, we found a cute dog who needed a home.

I was in Salina doing a show, when I got a phone call from Lee telling me about a little black dog who needed a home. This little dog has tons of energy, and we got her from the Roberts family(Our Brother in Laws parents). She is about a year and a half old, so she still has some puppy spunk in her. She is a sweetheart and loves to cuddle.

From what we can tell, she is a mix of a Lab retriever and a Australian Shephard. She is to smart, for her own good sometimes. When we are at work, we would put her in our laundry room so she couldn't get into trouble, one day she figured out how to get out of the room. She dug through our laundry and got one of Lee's sweatshirts, she carried it into our bedroom and just layed on it until Lee got home. She loves Lee.

She is not a morning dog! When I leave for work I try to get her to go out before I leave, but she just wants to sleep. She climbs onto our bed and lays in my spot, hoping that I wont pick her up to take her outside. She is always learning, and she is becoming an awesome dog. We can now trust her to leave her in the house and roam free when we leave, as long as she has a treat and a toy to play with.

She is so spoiled, and we love her so much. She has a permanent spot in our family. Everyone that meets her loves her, and she is such a pretty dog. We are still working on getting her trained to stay in the yard. All of our neighbors have dogs and she is eager to become friends, however she doesn't always see the cars coming up the road. She is starting to understand that she just cant take off anymore, and we will just keep working with her so she can stay safe.

We are so glad to have her in our family. She is such a great addition to our home, and is always excited for us to come home and play with her.

Wednesday, November 25

Technicolor bruise

My mom called me yesterday to check on me and see how I was feeling, I was trying to explain to her how my eye looked and it went something like this: It is yellow and red and black and brown and purple and blue. It reminded me of Joseph and the technicolor dream coat. You can tell by my face in this picture that I am really concerned on how I look...Just be warned.. I have been home since Monday hanging out with my brothers dog. If small children are in the room you may want to divert their eyes from this picture...

Scary huh!!! I have to work tomorrow, and have a show on Friday so hopefully I can cover some of that up with some makeup.

Tuesday, November 24

Christmas lights..

Its the time of year that christmas lights go up. My mom's husband Allen fell off of a roof a few years ago and hurt himself badly. My mother's balance is awful, and since I had put christmas lights up for her in years past, I had no issues climbing up to put them up for her. Lee wanted to help me put the lights up, but being the impatient and stubborn person I am, I didnt wait for him. My mom's house has a steep roof, I wad run the extension cord up to the roof, and was ready to start putting up the lights. I was starting on the corner of the roof, and there just happened to be a tree on that side of the house, and branches were hanging on the roof. These branches were in my way...and I tripped over them and fell off of the roof. Yes, I fell. I tried to grab onto branches on the tree to catch myself, but the branches were not strong enough and ended up taking them down with me. I didnt break anything, I just have some awesome bruises and cuts. This lovely black eye needs to go away . I am in a play called the "Altos", and I have a show on Friday, so hopefully it wont be so bad by then.

These pictures are scary...but this is the worst of my injuries.. Pay no attention to my awesome hair.

The first picture is from the ER, and the 2nd is from last night. Believe it or not, the black eye is worse....My doctor told me to take a few days off from work, so I am just hanging out at home...bored. Daytime TV is super boring.

When I was in the E.R. at Lakeview, they told me that I was the first one to come in from a christmas lights accident. So I at least can have that as bragging rights..

Saturday, October 3

One year down...

One year ago I married my best friend! Can you believe it? A whole year?? Lee and I have actually been together for about 4 years now. Lee is such a great man. Our first date, the proposal, and the wedding. I have so many stories about him. But mainly I love this man, and am proud to be his wife!

For our anniversary Lee surprised with these amazing flowers at work, which made my day. We had planned to go to our favorite restaurant, the Paris in SLC. Before we went Lee told me he had a little something for me, turns out it was the coolest thing ever...YEP!


 It was the Beatles rock band. I love me some rock band, and the Beatles. But to have them both together!?! Pure genius. I got Lee a new Utes hat and shirt, as he is a die hard fan!

We are so excited for the new adventures that are going to come!!

The new house is so fun, and we love living in Centerville!

Monday, September 21

New House!

We did it!
We took the step!!

We are now home owners!! We found a way cute house in Centerville. It's super cute! We love it. When we get all unpacked and organized I will post pictures.

Thursday, July 9

House Hunting!!

Our lease is up soon, which means we have some decisions to make. My oldest brother Matt has his own business being a mortgage broker. We went through him to get our mortgage, and did a great job. If anyone needs help with a mortgage, Matt can take care of ya!

We have been approved, so now the hard part comes... trying to find a place to live! We are thinking we want to live in the Bountiful area. It's exciting!!

If anyone knows of cute houses in the Bountiful/Centerville area let me know!!

Wednesday, July 8

89 years young!

I have been slacking with blogging lately! Sorry, I will try to not suck at it. In June, it was my grandma's birthday and she is now 89 years old!! She is still a spit fire. We had a birthday party for her at her apartments and played bingo with all her friends. She is too cute!

My awesome grandma and her friends having cake.

For my grandma's birthday, my brother Andy was teasing her that he was going to get a tattoo for her. We didnt believe him, but as it turns out..

It turned out pretty cool. We called my grandma when we were at the tattoo shop, it was around 9 p.m., and we asked her what her favorite color was, she told us not to buy her anything.. so then we posed the question, of if she had to wear a blouse, the same color for the rest of her life, she chose blue. She then told me to not come visit her or call her anymore that night, since it was past her bedtime. She cracks me up!!

Andy opted to get the year she was born with her name as well. They guy that tattoo'd thought we had mispelled Vepsa, but sure enough, I think we have the one and only Vesta!!! Love you Grandma!

She did have a health scare recently with mini strokes but she is now home and doing well. She might have to have surgery, but more updates to come with that.

Friday, June 5

Air Force Week

In Utah right now its Air Force week, the other night Lee and I were out BBQ'ing and we kept hearing planes, we didnt think much about it. However we then saw this:

It was so cool to see these planes close, and kind of scary at the same time.

Our awesome garage...

So we are renting a older home right now, and our lease is up in October. We like our little house, but are excited to move.... Here is one of the reasons:

Our garage has broken twice, and gets all twisted and then it wont open or close. The first time it happened, and 300 bucks later it was fixed after 2 days...then maybe a week later it broke again...Awesome.

Birthday trip to Seattle

It was my birthday last week, and for the occasion we decided to drive up to Seattle to visit my brother and his cute little family. My brother Andy and his wife Michelle came with us on the adventure. The drive from Utah to Washington is more or less about 12 hours, so imagine all four of us stuffed into our little rental car with all of our stuff. It was amazing. I guess one good thing about getting a rental car is that you have to be 25 to drive it...well, I am not, so I lucked out on having to take a turn to drive. I studied mi Espanol, and took siesta's.

When we finally got to Casa de los Keddingtons ( see my Spanish is getting better ) I couldn't believe how big Davis was/is. He is so big now, and I am pretty sure that my nephew is a lot cooler than I am. He is soo smart, Shane has taught him some sign language to ask for more, and a few other things. I taught him to count to three, and he just picked it up so fast. He is a sponge! I had so much fun playing with him!!

It was so good to be able to spend time with Shane and Cindy. They are my favorite people that live in Washington. It was depressing to find out that Shane weighs exactlly one pound less than I do. For those of you that don't know my brother Shane, he has weighed the same weight since the 8th grade, and is about 6 foot, and is 32...and his 23 yr old sister weighs more than him. I will be running this weekend to drop that pound! Ha ha. My cute brother baked me a cake and made everyone sing to me. Shane and I have similiar cars, but he has the way faster version of mine, so when we were up there he let me drive it around downtown Seattle. It was super fast, but scary since his car is his car and is protective. Cindy had to work ( TYPICALL ) most of the weekend so we didnt have to much time with her, but I still love her the same.

I had a funny observation of the difference between Seattle people and Salt Lake people when we were downtown on Saturday. There was this HUGE protest for socialized medicine going on in front of one of Cindy's stores.I mean, it was huge, with a band, and marching wih picket signs. I thought it was funny/great of how passionate these people were for the issue, but then had to laugh because I couldnt imagine a protest of this size going on downtown Salt Lake. We went to Pike's market, which is always fun, and hung out with some of Shane's friends while seeing the night life of Seattle. Shane was determined to show me the local night life and not the tourist places. We tried to hit up a local kareoke spot, but the night we went they had live music instead. All in all the weekend was really fun, it was sad to leave but hopefully the Kedd's can come visit in July ( THIS IS A HINT CINDY ). Love you guys, thanks so much for letting us

Saturday, April 18

Wedding pictures, HURRAY!!

So I am late putting these up, seeing as how we got them in like February, but better late then never right? Lee's sister and brother in law ( well mine too now!!) did such an awesome job for us. Thanks so much Katie and Steve, and yes Katie, it is weird that I have your name now!! Anyway, there are sooo many pictures to choose from, so here is a sampler. Ha ha, whatevs, enjoy.

I promise to post more.

Motocross super stars!

Now that its warm, it means that its time to go riding. So far this year Lee has rolled my four wheeler on top of him, and I have burned a hole through my riding pants on my pipe, so I think we are done (well almost) with our accidents and its going to be a good riding season. Today we went to the "Delle" with my two brothers, nephews and sister-in-laws. It was a way muddy day, but super fun. I guess dirt bike riding is not a clean sport. As you can see from the pictures of my four wheeler, I got super muddy! Lee is a x-gamer, as you can tell from his jumping ability.

Sunday, February 15

Saint Jorge

This weekend we went down to St. George to visit some marvelous people. We were going to load up Lee's new dirt bike and the wheeler, to go riding, but the weather men said it was going to be awful so we ended up just taking my car. So we went down, made the trek in about 3 hours, record time. I drove down, so Lee had to drive home. He was trying to beat my time, which I was going about 100 the whole time. Lee trying to beat my time, got a speeding ticket...for going 20 over. Yikes. Anyway, we had a great time in St. Jorge visiting TJ and Sophie, and learning how to avoid a dangers African killer bee attack.. Please enjoy.