Sunday, July 25

Pine View Weekend

This weekend we basically lived at the lake. On Saturday, Lee's boss invited us up to watch the wake board competition and hang out on his boat. We both got so burnt. But it was well worth it.
We had such a good time we deiced we wanted to come back up to the lake on Sunday and hangout on the beach and let the dogs play. We hadn't taken Sadie swimming yet so we were excited to see how she would do. And as far as Ruby goes, we didn't think she would be much of a swimmer, and we were right.    
 We tried to get Ruby to swim, but she hated it, so she spent most of the day lounging in a camping chair, or playing with my brother's dog Henry.

 Sadie loved the water, at first she was a little scared, but Lee got in the water to ease her fears. It wasn't to long after that she "took to the water like a fish". She loved diving in after her tennis ball. Or saving Lee whenever he looked as if he was in peril, she would swim to his rescue.
These dogs sure had a great time, and were very tired on the way home, they both slept like logs in the back seat of the truck.
Thanks to Andy and Michelle for making the drive to hang out at the lake. This post wouldn't be complete without their shining faces...

Introducing Ruby Sue

 I have converted Lee into being a dog lover.  We have our little Sadie lady, and we adore her. For the longest time I thought she needed a friend, because when we we're gone at work she would tear up socks and laundry because they smelled like us. My brother Andy's friend was getting a divorce, and their little dog didn't have anywhere to go. We we're this little dogs last hope, or otherwise she was off to the pound. I couldn't let a dog go to the pound when we have the room for one more at our home. I pleaded with Lee, and played the sympathy card that we we're this dogs last hope. Without much debate, we welcomed this little dog into our home the next day. Sadie wasn't to sure about her at first, but they quickly became friends and they play all the time, and even cuddle up against each other when they sleep. She is a little firecracker! She is a mini schnauzer, and has a little bit of the barking that comes with a smaller dog, but other than that she is just a lovable dog. She always wants to be right next to people and if you let her she would cuddle all day with you.