Sunday, January 17

Belly Rub?

Sadie is so spoiled, and I think she knows that she can pretty much get whatever she wants. She has this new habit, and I don't know where she picked it up. If me or Lee are sitting down and one of our legs are crossed, so one of our foots is in the air she will come over to it so we can pet her with out feet. You may be saying, ya that's normal for dogs to do. But wait, there's more! When she comes over, if we don't start petting her right away she will lift her back leg, and extend it out so we can reach her belly. The first couple of times she did it, we thought it was a fluke, but its now a everyday occurrence.

Tuesday, January 12

I think I need one

My cute friend Maria just adopted a English Bulldog. He is adorable. She brought him into work to show me and I considered stealing him. I think these dogs are adorable, in the way, they are so ugly that they are cute. Lee doesn't see the same level of cuteness that I do, and I havent convinced him enough that we can get one. Don't get me wrong I love my little Sadie, but I think as a dog parent, its unfair of me to deprive her of having a friend. Ha ha, I think I might try to pitch that angle to Lee! Wish me luck.

Monday, January 11

Wanna ride my hog?

Today when I was driving home I saw the coolest guy on the freeway. When I saw him it made me miss my scooter. But after gliding through the intersection like shamu and over the top of a Jeep, Lee says I cant have another scooter. You almost get hit by one car, and then all of a sudden you cant have another scooter. Jeeze, he is so particular! Just kidding.

But seriously. If I ever get another scooter, I want to be like this guy!!!

Sunday, January 10


For Christmas I got Lee tickets to Snow Cross, since he loves anything with an engine. He used to be a big time snowmobiler, and still loves it even though he doesnt have a snowmobile right now. It was the first year that snowcross came to Utah, and it was in the new Rio Tinto stadium. The event was outside, and was sooo cold!! We knew it would be cold, so we dressed accordingly, but according to Lee it was "biting" cold. Im pretty sure that just means it was way cold! I think it was around 25 degrees. I was trying to be a trooper, so I never asked to leave or complain when I was cold. I thought for sure Lee would have wanted to stay for the whole thing, but after the pro races Lee turned to me with rosy cheeks and a red nose and asked if I was ready to go because he was cold.

These guys were getting so high off the jump and doing tricks!

So high!!!

Lee loved this snowcat, he said he wanted one. When I asked him what he would do with it, he said he would just drive it around and plow the roads for people. He is such a little kid!!

Over all the night was fun. After we left we were trying to run to the truck, and our feet were so cold it hurt to run because we kept getting charlie horses. To top off our date night, we got some of the best pizza in Utah from Zeponies and just hung out at home.

Wednesday, January 6

Proud Mama!

We are so proud of our little Sadie. She is such a quick learner. She all ready knew sit when we got her, and she picked up on lay down pretty quickly. We wanted to expand her repertoire and teach her some new tricks. We thought "shake" would be a good one, she mastered it in 2 days!! I don't know who was more excited about her progress, her or us. We are like proud parents! We will be teaching her new tricks as time goes on.