Saturday, October 3

One year down...

One year ago I married my best friend! Can you believe it? A whole year?? Lee and I have actually been together for about 4 years now. Lee is such a great man. Our first date, the proposal, and the wedding. I have so many stories about him. But mainly I love this man, and am proud to be his wife!

For our anniversary Lee surprised with these amazing flowers at work, which made my day. We had planned to go to our favorite restaurant, the Paris in SLC. Before we went Lee told me he had a little something for me, turns out it was the coolest thing ever...YEP!


 It was the Beatles rock band. I love me some rock band, and the Beatles. But to have them both together!?! Pure genius. I got Lee a new Utes hat and shirt, as he is a die hard fan!

We are so excited for the new adventures that are going to come!!

The new house is so fun, and we love living in Centerville!