Sunday, November 7


On Saturday we had the ultimate Utah football home game. The yearly TCU VS UTAH blackout game. We woke up early to go to ESPN Game Day, talked some trash talk to TCU fans, made signs, and even got my face painted with my nephew.

ESPN had a bunch of stuff to do at the Game Day broadcast. If you got your face painted you got a free T-shirt, and lucky for Lee, the only had MAN size shirts. So he got my awesome shirt instead.
As Tanner gets older, he looks more and more like my brother Shane. It is crazy.
Swoop and I
We would throw up our "U"s whenever the camera went over head, and show our clever sign.

 The atmosphere was so fun at Game Day. Everyone was so pumped up for the game. People had gotten there like around 5 A. M. I am not a morning person, so there was no way you were getting me there that early. I think we made it there around 8 or so...

After Game Day was over, we went to tailgate up on the top lot where we always park, I made some fajitas, and debated on how the events of the game would happen...

 This was right before kick off, the stadium was so loud. Everyone was "blacked-out".
We were so pumped for the game to begin.
 Getting our game faces on!!! Lets go UTES!!!

The game faces didnt last long. The Utes went a full 3 quarters with no score, not even a field goal. Watching this game was painful, and so embarrassing. The Utes were ranked #5, and TCU #3. Well, there is a big reason that TCU is ranked higher than the Utes. They for sure killed the Utes. Utah finally was saved by Matt Asiata's TD. At least we scored something..
At least I had this little girl to play with while the Utes were embarrassing themselves.
Cutest little Utes fan ever!

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