Sunday, November 14

Home Improvements?

Lee and I bought this house about a year ago. When we moved in, the house had the master bedroom, a regular size bedroom, and a closet they called a bedroom that is in the basement. We dont plan on selling for awhile, but if we ever want to sell, we need 3 actual bedrooms. In the front room, there is the living room, and the dining room. The layout of this house is so random, which is the biggest reason why we loved it. However, the kitchen is across the hallway and a room away from the dining room. We never eat in there because its more work to get the food there, than it is to sit in the kitchen at our little table.

Lee and I had decided that we were going to convert the dining room back into a bedroom. We are pretty sure the dining room was originaly a bedroom. Whoever patched the door with sheet rock did a horrible job. Lee kept telling me that we would start this project, but the start date kept getting changed. So I had to take matters into my own hands... 

As you can tell this is a work in process. We would have gotten more done this weekend, but yesterday our water heater literally exploded. Lee and his brother Glenn replaced it and fixed it, so hopefully we dont have to clean up 50 gallons of water again..

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