Saturday, January 31

Pictures from Mexico

On lovers beach in Cabo

In Mazatlan
Somewhere out at sea....
For some reason our cab driver wanted us to pose on the go-cart

Me and Brooke
At formal night
At dinner
Lee repelling from the canopy trees in Puerto Viarta
Lee and Bryan preparing to get on the scariest little boat, to take us to the canopy trees
Waiting for our little boat...
Hanging out in Long Beach before we could get on the ship, Bryan was trying to share his quesadilla with Lee, Lady and the Tramp style.
At our first dinner, as you can tell it was not formal night. Ha ha
Lee and Kim snorkeling in Cabo
Our cab driver took us to see the "rich" houses in Mazatlan, he thought we needed to take pictures. From the left, Bryan, Kim, Me, and Leo

In the Canopy tree zip lines
Right before we repelled from the tree's
Our cute waiter, Martin, in Mazatlan
Safety First!
Lee knows I hate birds...he put this thing on my shoulder, it tried to eat my face!!

Tuesday, January 27

Finally picked a major!

I just applied to the U, and forced myself to pick a major. I decided on a communications degree, but there were two different options within that major. I could pick either between Mass or Speech communications. I have decided to go with Mass communications. Its in the college of Humanities, so it should be a good pick for me. I should hear back from the U, in a few days about my application, then I can start classes in the Summer Semester. I am going to try to go full time, all year, so I can get this done in a year and a half... At least thats the plan. IF anyone has any experience with the U, and the college of Humanities, please share. I am excited but nervous to make the change from Adult High School ( SLCC ), to go to a actual college.

Monday, January 26


We are baaaack! Mexico was super fun, and way warmer than it is in the arctic tundra of Utah!! I will post photos tonight...or whenever I get to it. The cruise was a good time, and our travel agent hooked us up with a way nice room with a balcony. It was fun just hanging out, and relaxing.

Oh! Katie graduated....from SLCC. Not done all the way, but one step closer.

Saturday, January 3

Amazing season!! 13-0

It is official. The Utah Utes are the BEST team in the country! What other team is undefeated? And killed the #4 team? The Utes. To all the BYU fans, its ok to say you respect the Utes for what they have done. I will admit when the season started I had no idea it would end with a perfect 13 and 0! It was so fun going to the games with season tickets, and now even more, after last nights win, Lee is still mad I made him miss the Oregon State game to get married. I am pretty sure he is joking..but you never know with him. One other thing that makes this victory even sweeter is that we were the under dogs, and that 89 % of America, thought the Utes were going to lose. Watching the game with Lee and my brother Andy was interesting, I don't think Andy sat down the entire game. Many pillows were punched when Bama' returned the ball from the punt for their first touchdown, but we stayed positive because we knew the Utes could pull it off. It was fun to see all of the NFL players that used to be on the team, hanging out on the sidelines watching and cherring on the team. Lee is like a little kid, he was nervous all day and didnt eat because of the game. He did say he owes me a prize because of how he acted during the game, so I think I will use that to my advantage! Ha ha.

He said he would take me to the spa when we are on our cruise. We leave in 2 weeks to go to Mexico. This trip is kind of like our Honey moon, since we just went to Vegas for the weekend after we got married, and that was chill, but we will be able to enjoy this trip without being exhausted from the wedding. We are going to Mexico for a week with friends, and it should be a good time.