Thursday, August 21

Katie who?

Anyone that knows me, knows that I don't really have much contact with my biological dad. Growing up he wasn't the coolest guy, but now that I am older I am trying to let go of the past and reconnect with people. I decided that I wanted to let my dad know that I was getting married, but the hard part was that I hadn't spoken to my dad in about 5 years and I didn't have any contact information for him. So like any internet savy nerd, I googled him. I knew he lived in New Mexico, so I started by looking in the phonebooks for New Mexico, but the problem is that there are a lot of Chris Aragon's in that state. SO I found one that I thought was him, and sent a letter. I only sent one letter, and as it turns out I found the right house. The letter went to his ex wife Cheri who was kind enough to email me and give me a phone number and even offered to help me find him if the number didnt work. After working up some courage I called the number and spoke with my dad. At first he didnt know who I was, but after he figured it out he was so happy to talk to me. I was kind of nervous to talk to him so I didnt really take the time I should have to catch up with him. I just asked him for his address, and how to contact my half sister that I have. She is, I think 10 years older than I am and has a little boy. She lives in NSLC and is not married.

Chris called me later that night when I was o my way to school and we kind of caught up. I never knew I had so many aunts and uncles, I think the total was like 8 or 9, and I think I have something like 40 cousins. He is getting remarried for I think the 3rd time so a woman who is native american. I dont know what he does for work, but he is working and also is still going to AA meetings and helps with group meetings for that. He said he was really going to try to make it to my wedding. I am nervous to see him, but excited at the same time. We never have had the best relationship, but he is still my dad and I think I owe it to myself to try to have a relationship to him. He asked me when I was going to give him grandkids....I sighed and said well not for a while until I am at least done with school. But it made me think, that my kids wont really have a grandpa since Lee's dad passed away a few years ago. So if not for me, I should try to have a relationship for my unborn children ( man that sounds weird). This whole situation is strange, but it sounds like my dad has figured out that I am going to let go of the past and give him a chance.

Just like any dad, he asked me who was walking me down the aisle...I laughed and said my brothers. I dont think we are that close that he gets to walk me down the aisle...ha ha.

Monday, August 18

Time to get a movin'

Things are coming at me fast and my stress level is starting to rise. I am moving out of the nest in 2 weeks into a tini apartment! My sister-in-law's parents own a house in kinda scary Salt Lake, and they offered to rent the back part of the house to us for super cheap. Its like a studio apartment, I think something around 500 square feet. I am going through everything this week and trying to organize it all so I can get the apartment all organized so when Lee moves in when we are married its all settled. Since this place is pretty small I don't really need to get anything to furnish it. I have my bed, luv sac, desk, tv, 2 end tables, and then some furniture my mom has donated. She is officially engaged now, so she has to clear some room for Allen's things. Because of this, I have profited, I have gained the sectional couch, and some dishes. Now that the wedding is only 45 days away I am starting to have anxiety. I am not nervous for the wedding, I am just nervous to see if I can get everything done in time. With school starting this week it might be a little bit harder to iron out the wedding plans, but with my mom and all my friends who have offered to help with anything I think I might be ok.

The next things I need to figure out once I am moved in is all the big kid stuff, like setting up internet (for my internet courses), cable and utilities. If anyone, who is all ready a big kid knows of a good internet provider let me know. I have sworn off Comcast....

Wednesday, August 13

The Wedding Checklist...

The wedding plans are getting taken care of as the big day rapidly approaches!! Last night I went shopping with Lee to get his suit and we also got his wedding ring. I just ordered my sash for my dress, that should be here in a week or so because its coming from the UK! My mom is basically in charge of everything to do with design and accents. She is better at that stuff than I am.

I am going over my list of invites, but I need peoples address's. Please email me your address, or leave it as a comment on this blog.

Many of you know, but I may as well blog about it.....

My mom is getting married!! It isn't official with a ring on her finger yet, but her and Allen went ring shopping and she will most likely have a ring on her finger soon. The two took my grandma out to dinner to let he know, so I have a feeling it should happen soon. My mom dated this guy 37 years ago, and then randomly found each other a month ago. It's a little fast, but me and all my brothers agree, that as long as she is happy we will support her decision.

Congrats Mom!

So basically right after my wedding raps up, she will start the details for her own wedding, she last told me that she was thinking of November 1st for her big day. It's crazy!

Friday, August 8

Last Semester at SLCC!!!

I have never been excited to start school, but this semester is different. This is officially my last semester at SLCC. I consider SLCC to be Adult High School. SLCC has been good to me, considering I took my time on getting my associates. It really shouldn't take 4 years to get your associates, but that is what happens when you pay for school yourself, and sometimes run out of motivation and take semesters off.

After some soul searching I am going to pursue a degree in Communications. Mainly because eBay will pay for it, and I can use it anywhere. I just need to decide if I want to go into Speech or Mass communication.

Speech communication would consist of a lot of public speaking. However speech communication majors can sometimes have a hard time finding work since the degree is not as easy to categorize. I could use it in business, advertising, education, social service, and broadcasting.

Mass communication would consist of a lot of journalism classes. This type of major opens a lot more doors because its more of a general degree, kind of like a business degree. When I looked up what I could do with this major, I found some random jobs. Here are my favorites: camera operator, actor, critic, disc jockey, lobbyist, fundraiser, clergy, photographer, and a children's book author.

I am not sure which one to pursue...I need help. I have a semester to figure it out. After this semester I get to go to the big girl school. I can't wait. Now I can be a true Utes football fan!!!

I applied for graduation today!!! It was crazy. The form asked me what name I wanted on the certificate, and I got to put my new name! It will read, Kathryn Ellen Schultz. Now THAT is weird!!!

Monday, August 4


My work had a team building exercise on Friday. We all were done working by one, then got to go play softball until five. It was way fun, even though it was way hot. My team won our first game, and lost by one run on our second game.

Heck yes!! I hit that ball all the way to the back fence!

Leading off the bases...
I showed Lee this picture, and in his attempt to be funny said "Who is that little boy?". Needless to say I will be retiring my SL Bee's hat.